About us

Is modelmove® a model agency? No, we are not. The modelmove portal was founded by Kevin Voigt in 2007 and is autonomous of investors or corporations.

How did modelmove® came about?

This all began in 2004, I was on holiday with a friend and we met a couple in Berlin. The girlfriend (blond, tall, slender) told me that she was looking for a job. I suggested her to apply as a model. “Really, but where?” She replied. Immediately, an entrepreneurial idea came into my mind and I told her straightaway: I’ll give you an Internet address soon. This resulted in a pilot project, which we took after three years, and modelmove® was created based on the experience gained.

And why “modelmove” at all?!

I’ve watched long videos of appearances or looked for an explanation for certain poses – whether on photos or runs. Then, it immediately came to me: It is a modelmove.

About Kevin Voigt: He created his first start-up company at the age of 18 and was thus one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Germany. In the following years, many Internet projects followed, among others. Even with well-known brands. After some training and further education in the foreign areas, he graduated as a media operator and is also a passionate hobby photographer.