Bianca Bebensee moved with her family to Gran Canaria in 2008, to become independent with a bar. By the way, Bianca is also modeling in Gran Canaria. Bianca was interviewed on the TV show “Goodbye Germany” by a small star. There, she shows herself as she is: natural and humble.

modelmove: Bianca, you come from Berlin and moved to Gran Canaria in 2008. How did you come from Berlin to Maspalomas? Is it because of your astral sign which is that of the fish, which is likely to make you feel more lying on an island?

Bianca: No, that Im of the astral sign of the fish has probably less to do with it. For my father, it was always clear to live on the beautiful Canary Island. So I grew up with the thought of it already. When we had the opportunity to open a restaurant on the Gran Canaria, we went with our family. For me, it was finally the possibility of isolating myself and still having my parents with me.

modelmove: Did you worked as a model in Berlin? Was it really possible for you to better progress in Gran Canaria?

Bianca: As a child I always had a small job in the model field. When the first requests for proper orders came here on Gran Canaria, I was very happy.

modelmove: You are also known on TV. For the TV show “Goodbye Deutschland” where you were accompanied by a film team for some few weeks. Do you enjoy being in front of the camera?

Bianca: The 6 years of collaboration with “Goodbye Deutschland” was a great experience for me and showed me how much to work in front of a camera can be enjoyable. Today, I would like to participate in a real role in a feature film, but it is a very distant dream. Would this be another stand? We will see.

modelmove: You’re not just a Barbie, a business woman and a model, but you’re passionate ofhip-hop. What successes have you already registered?

Bianca: Hip Hop has always had a special place in my life. Dancing is just something wonderful. I was in the final – as one of the 3000 girls at a competition organized by the company “NIKE” in Germany – and I have already danced for Loona at the ZDF Spring Show. But also, for the annual Gay Pryde here in Gran Canaria, where I stayed 14 days on stage.

modelmove: You also like the Go-Kart drive; you are interested in cars, combat sports and diving. Unusual as a model, since when do you share these passions? By the way: I’m launching you for a Go-Kart challenge!

Bianca: My mother has always been a passionate motorcyclist and my father wanted to have a son. Of course I tried to make both happy. The result is the passionate martial arts and motor fanatics I am today. My mother says today that I would be bored with gasoline in the blood and Pap’s proud that I’m not a “soft” chick. These hobbies just make me happy and I regularly not enjoy being underestimated. Especially the assertion that women cannot drive or park, really makes me angry. OKAY! Where and when do we meet?

modelmove: I heard you’re traveling. Will you leave your bar to your family if you have an international career, eg. As a fitness model?!

Bianca: I will never ask myself this question, because it’s natural for our family to be there for each other. “One for all and all for one” like the three musketeers. If I have to travel, I would like to leave temporarily. Moreover it is one of the advantages when one is independent.

modelmove: How would you describe the Gran Canaria market, do you have many model agencies out there or do you make a lot of flights to the outskirts of the island?

Bianca: There are two well-known agencies in Gran Canaria, which exercises much more in the photo shootings, as well as in advertising and television outlets, with foreign models.

modelmove: How do you project yourself in 10 years? Are you going back to Germany?

Bianca: In 10 years, I would be a famous actress and top model. (Bianca laughs) No, not really. I do not think about it, it’s probably already a bit of Canarian influence. What have happen will happen. I don’t like being gnawed by excitement.

modelmove: What are the advantages of living in Spain? Things you only find in Germany, are you missing them?

Bianca: No, I’m not missing anything. I live here now and I am happy with everything around me. Shall I return to Germany? No idea. I don’t know where my life will lead me. Gran Canaria, Germany, USA or Australia, I take it as it comes. It’s a chance to live where you like.

modelmove: Bianca, thank you very much for this overview of your life, we will probably meet again in Gran Canaria. What do you think you should bring as a model, especially when you go abroad?

Bianca: Self-esteem and the joy of life, because that’s what you see on a good photo that touches people, and these qualities make a person so strong that he can show that precisely.