Dorota was discovered in a picture book. A couple of years ago, she was addressed by a model agent on the street and was asked if she was not interested in modeling, since then she has been feverish.

modelmove: What do you want to achieve in the model field?
Dorota: Make the cover page of a magazine like, Vogue or Maxim.

modelmove: What do you think of the so-called “Party girls”?
Dorota: It is legitimate to earn money with its appearance, but everything should be done in a sophisticated framework and not drift down on the cheap rail like these so-called “Party girls”, which are on the one hand of certain men, but behind them almost everyone Nose wrinkles over them.

modelmove: Would you make modeling as a professional? Are you already doing it?
Dorota: Anytime, if a good agency on which I can rely stands behind me. At the moment I am still semipro and earn mainly my income as an independent, state-approved beautician.

modelmove: Since when did you discover modeling?
Dorota: Since about 5 years ago a Model agent on the street addressed me and invited me on casting.

modelmove: Do your friends / acquaintances support your modeling?
Dorota: My circle of friends and my family are always proud when they see published photos of me or interviews on TV.

modelmove: Did you ever get disturbed in the spotlight?
Dorota: On the contrary, I did not know stage fright and I love to present myself or fashion articles.

modelmove: What was your best experience so far in the model field?
Dorota: The photo shooting with subsequent publication of my photos, for a prestigious Swiss daily newspaper.

modelmove: Have there ever been complications at any appearance?
Dorota: Well, there was a fellow student in the election of the “most beautiful pops of Germany”, which was a bit more “perfect” than me and myself as a Miss Viceroy.

modelmove: What do you like best about your character?
Dorota: Despite the second place, I still find my face very attractive and well rounded, as well as my matching slim legs, complete the whole picture, on which many men direct their eyes

modelmove: Would you like to give the readers some advice?
Dorota: Stay natural and unfettered, resolutely pursue your lifestyle and your career, and do not let yourself be deceived by small failures.