Franziska was already noticed in the fashion field very young. This was followed by photoshootings and numerous experiences that she had never known before.

modelmove: Hello Franzi, how and when did you discover that you wanted to be a model?
Franziska: At the age of 14, I did a little fashion show and noticed that it was very funny. And, I made one or two small orders. At the age of 16, I started my cookery training at a 5-star hotel. After my training, my friend was invited to a shoot. The shooting photographer spoke to me and told me that I should definitely continue in this field. So I did. I registered on various websites and received an invitation from a photographer who was touring for the Dutch Playboy. Well, that was the beginning of my model career.

modelmove: As a model, you travel a lot. How does your friend deal with this?
Franziska: He supports me a lot and is completely behind me. In addition, he is in most traveling with us, so we have the opportunity to see ourselves at least a little and spend time together. He also does a lot on scheduling.

modelmove: You were trained as a cooker; the other cookers did not feel distracted by a Charmaine cooker?
Franziska: We were always stressing in the kitchen, because there was no time to be distracted in any way. Finally, the customer waits for his food. I always got along with my colleagues. But I would not have allowed more; I would always separate work and privacy, which does not work well in the long run.

modelmove: Are you still passionate?
Franziska: From time to time, but unfortunately, I do not often have the opportunity to do so. Well, I am very stressed by the orders and also I am almost always on the move.
modelmove: For current events: Your opinion on Model-Casting Shows on TV. Jumping board or flop?
Franziska: Well, when such casting shows started, I was not yet in the field, so I cannot say much. This is certainly a good opportunity for me to draw attention to it. And if these are the right people, I think you already have chances of a good career.

modelmove: How long do you want to do modeling; do you want to go international?
Franziska: I want to model as long as possible. I know this activity is not permanent. With an age of 30 years it is usually the end. So, I would like to stay as long as possible to continue as well as possible. Obviously, I would also like to work and work abroad. If a good offer results, I will also accept.

modelmove: Would you like to move to another country to pursue a career model?
Franziska: Yes, I think, modeling is my profession, and for which I would accept a lot. Since my first model show I did not regret a minute. I also spoke with my friend about this and he told me he would accompany me. Therefore, nothing would prevent a move.

modelmove: Have you ever known other Top models, if yes which ones?
Franziska: No, not yet. This year I would actively start traveling abroad and I hope that I can also make some contacts.
modelmove: What do you particularly appreciate when modeling?
Franziska: I like playing with the camera. The reactions of the photographers when they say “Wow these are horny pictures” when they are satisfied, makes me know I did my job well and then I am satisfied.

modelmove: Any advice for newcomers in this area?
Franziska: Well, I think it’s important to remain indifferent and not stand out. One must always remain faithful to himself and not be obscured. Besides, one must not forget where he comes from and also one must never forget what you are doing in the present moment. If you worked very hard for your dream then this should already work.