Ginette has been modeling for a couple of years and has been very successful with what she is doing. Many TV contributions, music videos and reports were the bottom line, but what keeps Ginette in shape?

modelmove: How did you get to modeling?
Ginette: I ran from my aunt apartment in the high heels of at a young age. Also, I have always staged my parents a little fashion show, which they should then look at in my children’s room. At the age of 17, I was approached by an agency owner from Potsdam. Whether I would not want to model for her. The first fashion shows followed and I discovered my passion for modeling! I started to do test shootings to get photo material and applied to some model agencies. Jobs, photo shootings and Fashion shows followed, and I still run today for the agency owner from Potsdam, to which I share a good friendship.

modelmove: Beauty ideal Anorexia is still anorexic – your opinion?
Ginette: For models who participate to this practice, I’m just sorry for them. It is cruel to have to look at how they ruin themselves. I wish agencies; designers and the fashion world as a whole strive to make models work with normal shapes. The pressure on the models, to be extremely thin to get jobs is so high, that already many pretty girls have died. It is cruel and many of these girls are still not so confident in themselves, so they are not really aware of the consequences. But the trend is slowly evolving and I hope that the meager will soon finish.

modelmove: Where do you see yourself in 10 years with the modeling?
Ginette: I hope I can still work as a model in 10 years! Fashion evolves very quickly; many young models are preferred to the older ones. Therefore, I wish I could still be active in 10 or 20 years as a model. I would also like to be a part of the business of merchants and presenters.

modelmove: Which nation do you think are the most beautiful models?
Ginette: The most beautiful models come from Germany of course! Heidi Klum, Nadja Auermann and Claudia Schiffer are proof enough for the beauty, personality and aura of the top models from good old Germany! No other country has so many international top models. So girls: “time to be proud to be German!”

modelmove: Missions. Did you even take part?
Ginette: Misconceptions are like sand at sea. Unfortunately, they are not recognized and celebrated in Germany as they are in the USA. I have already participated in a few, and can proudly say that I am the title of the runaway Miss “Water queen” of the State of Brandenburg 2006, Vice Miss Tuning World 2007/2008, Vice Miss Brandenburg 2007 and the Potsdam Miss Universe Germany 2008.

modelmove: You have already played in the TV. Is it also a passion or do you prefer modeling?
Ginette: I have often stood before the camera whether as a model for various TV contributions, small-scale performers in some series, model in various music video productions or in a reality show more recently. I have a lot of fun and try to continue the acting and the moderator activity next to my model jobs. Because as a model, you must also be able to play roles to be successful

modelmove: What do you take as breakfast?
Ginette: On my breakfast plan is mainly healthy and soothing food, such as a fruit bowl with natural yoghurt and a full grain bread or muesli. There is a glass of warm water with a ginger piece and a green tea or coffee. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this should be very balanced because it is the basis for the day.

modelmove: Would you change your model job against the acting?
Ginette: I would never change my model job against the acting. I always try to reconcile both, because both of my activities fulfill me completely and I have a lot of fun.

modelmove: Do you still have time for friends / family?
Ginette: It often happens that my family life or my circle of friends suffers a little from my busy time jobs and appointments. But thanks to technology, you can stay in touch via instant messaging, Skype, email and phone nowadays. I keep in touch with my parents almost every day, also with my friends, I exchange SMS and I find out about their situation by mobile phone. Christmas is for me a day that must always remain free. It’s also my mother’s birthday and I promised my parents always be there that day.
modelmove: Your good advice for modelmove readers and for future professional models?
Ginette: Always stay yourself and do not let yourself be intimidated or patterned. Even if some people reject you, it is not due to your character, but only to the ” sought-after type ” that he does not like for particular reasons. “Things turn out to be the best for people who do the best of the way things go!”