Also, the women of Hamburg are less and less, at the top as far as modeling is concerned. The model Jasmina Sun also comes from Hamburg and has already gained some experience.

modelmove: What do you want to achieve in the model field?
Jasmina: I don’t expect much from this field, because I know that competition is tough and I don’t have the ideal measures. I just want everything to go well, and as long as I have fun and I have beautiful pictures of me, I’m satisfied. Of course, it’s also a great dream for me to work for the Playboy of the USA. But who knows, I’m also trying to realize my dream. And I don’t give up so fast.

modelmove: What’s your opinion about the so-called “party girls”?
Jasmina: These girls have a lot of negative criticism, I admire their self-confidence. It is not easy to play the stupid little girl and come naively as well. Most of them certainly have snakes behind their ears. But I don’t want to be known in this category.

modelmove: Would you make modeling as a professional? Are you already doing it?
Jasmina: In the past, I could not imagine modeling to be my profession, because I am not the typical perfect model. I’m not big either. But there are still other possibilities of living. And I have been a model for over 1 year.

modelmove: Since when do you model?
Jasmina: Already very small, I always found it very exciting to shoot in front a camera and I was not aware that I had that talent of model in me. But at the age of 18, you can decide for yourself and I wanted to do something crazy so I was photographed in a daily bikini. I thought it was probably because of the rebellious age of being crazy. Only, I loved it to this day.

modelmove: Are you supported by your friends / family in this model field?
Jasmina: In my circle of acquaintances, I do not attach much importance to their opinion or support, when I am convinced of something, then I do it. Mainly my family is behind me and does not look ashamed of me.

modelmove: Would you be modeling in unusual places?
Jasmina: I am a person who likes to behave crazy and to have “almost” every fun. If I had the opportunity, I would also jump over my shadow to gain new experiences.

modelmove: What was your best experience so far in the model field?
Jasmina: There are many moments which I can call my best moments. But what has remained the most beautiful was the reportage in the TV Magazine Voyage. I stayed in the best hotel and the most beautiful suite on an island and I was spoiled from front to back. Be it with the feast, to the massage or relaxation. Something you don’t have every day.

modelmove: Have there ever been complications at any appearance?
Jasmina: There have been more and more negative incidents in my jobs, where the customer had arranged something different with the agency and then I had to do other things on the spot. Or I was sent home by the customer due to incorrect data from the agency. But I find it extremely embarrassing, even if a named customer does not pay.

modelmove: What do you like best about your character?
Jasmina: This is a difficult question, depending on my mood, almost every day I like something different. I like my hands and my nose very much.

modelmove: Would you like to give the readers some advice?
Jasmina: Stay true to your motto and do not let yourselves be subdued by enemies.