Larissa is a new model, she took pictures everywhere, but the big breakthrough is just like all the other newcomers. modelmove had an interview with Larissa for a few minutes.

modelmove: Larissa, do you doubt your size, are you sure that ultra-radiated models are always in demand?
Larissa: In the media, the Ultra radiated models are in my opinion more than “normal”. I regret that, because I think the “average models” would be more attractive to the great mass, since they could rather identify with it. Personally, I do not like at all when you are too thin. You should already be seen as a woman with beautiful curves in front of you and no ribbed frame with skin.

modelmove: Where do you see yourself in future: In modeling or in your “real” job?
Larissa: It all depends. If I suddenly arrived at breakthrough absolutely in modeling, then I could definitely imagine my job temporarily giving up, but only because I want to follow in the footsteps of my mother who owns her own business. But since I am very skeptical and I always stay on the facts, I think I prefer to stay in my profession and modeling as often as I can do next. If its walking I could well combine my profession and the models. I just want to have a financial guarantee, if it is not the case with the modeling, then I’ll stop.

modelmove: You have very beautiful photos, on which field of modeling do you want to specialize?
Larissa: I think my specialty lies in my smile, so it corresponds fairly well with the portrait photos range. I am honest, but frankly open and have fun at all. It also depends on what I would like to wear.

modelmove: How to convince a customer that it takes you? For example, advertising for chocolate.
Larissa: That’s a good thing. I love chocolate! I believe you are looking at me as a mortal and do not count absolutely every calorie. If I am then eating chocolate, then I will hold it – and that with real pleasure! All slim models cannot bring this chocolate enjoyment right because they always have a guilty conscience when they only think of eating chocolate. The problem I have not stopped šŸ˜‰ Chocolate is the food of the soul and I think my sparkle fits very well. Chocolate + pleasure = joy of life.

modelmove: The model company is difficult. Do you really want to…?
Larissa: All life is hard. My job, which I have right now, is also difficult. A lot of work are hard and unfortunately earns you little money. Why should not you just do something that is a lot funny and you can make extra money. It is important to be satisfied with what you are doing. I chose my job several years ago, because it is fun and not for the financial side. I find it important to have fun in one thing, because only then can you enjoy life with a lot of work to the fullest.

modelmove: Would you be willing to go elsewhere, every day? Your contact with friends and family will surely suffer.
Larissa: Hmmm, that’s a very good question. I think for a while I would be ready, but probably not for a long time. If this situation actually occurs, I would definitely find a way to do this. My family is behind me and friendships are for me only real friendships, even if they are such a thing. I could certainly calm my friend by accompanying him from time to time. So where a will is, there is also a way!

modelmove: Why did you choose Model business? Hostesses are also a picture book.
Larissa: I wanted to be a hostess when I was a child, but I found the work of a hostess, rather monotonous I when I grew up. You cannot say that from Model business. I love challenges and I always try something new. And most importantly, slide into different roles. So you can always discover new facets of me. In addition, you are always in a different place and meet new people. I like to show myself fucking in front of the camera. I find it much more exciting, than serving people during flights.

modelmove: You’ve already met dubious agencies, tell us your experiences.
Larissa: Unfortunately, there are a lot of black sheep in this industry and I have personally experienced it, even though I’m really a very cautious person. I spent an entire day taking photos, and immediately jumped briefly for another model shooting, and have not yet seen any money for it. The contract was supposedly forgotten by the pressure of time. However, there are other cases, for example, an agency where I would have been included in the file only if I had gone to bed with the boss, just as Knallhart had said. Then also a 3rd agency, who then told me that I cannot be anything in the industry because I’m not ready to undress! Since one has at some point truly lost faith that there are actually still grave agencies. So I really needed a lot of time to regain courage and try again. But I became too cautious and this cannot really blame me after the really bad experiences!

modelmove: A tip from me, never change 180 degrees for an agency, would you still do that?
Larissa: Definitely 180 degrees – no! I am willing to enter the agency’s ideas, but only to the extent that I can really identify with it. About my weight, you can talk with me anyway, since I am also up to -5 Kg definitely ready to change something, but I would still stay the Larissa, I am. I think it will also bear my charisma if I am not satisfied with myself. I am not a human with whom you can do as you want, I have my personality and I love myself.

modelmove: Larissa, thanks for your replies, do you want to give some advice to readers?
Larissa: I hope I can specifically help with my bad experiences, so that they do not have to experience it. I have still not given up today and I will not do that in the future either. You only get something in life if you fight for it; always believe in you, and then you will reach your goal!