Laura is a new model and is trying to advance her career. At the age of 20, it is not too late to succeed (by the way) as a model. In our modelmove interview, Laura describes her passion for fashion and modeling.

modelmove: Laura, why do you want to enter the model world? Do you want to work on TV?

Laura: I think it would be a lot of fun for me and I usually find women, who work in this field very pretty. I mainly like catalog models and do focused on the natural. I could imagine doing some activities on TV in the sense of moderation.

modelmove: Since when do you think about modeling?

Laura: Since I was 18, I have dreamed of working as a model. It has always crossed my head, and it was only when my sister suggested it to me that I started to do it seriously. My sister showed my photos at her workplace and there, my potential was uncovered. Also on Facebook, I already received a lot of resonance.

modelmove: Would you participate in a TV casting show? Would you sign a token contract to be successful?

Laura: Yes, I think so, to see how far I can get. Alone, I cannot say or know if I can go so far in a TV show. I prefer to seek advice from my parents or my siblings before taking such initiative.

modelmove: You are a qualified dental technician. Do you still see yourself in this profession in 10 years?

Laura: See for yourself how things go. No one could say in advance that I was going to be successful, or that I would have a child at 30 years old. As a mother, I could not imagine an early model career.

modelmove: Your size are 165cm, you weigh 45kg and look very healthy. How do you make to feel fit and thin?
Laura: I’m registered in a gym, where I go twice a week; it depends on how much pleasure I have. However, I am by nature slim, these great genes I have probably inherited from my mother.

modelmove: How would you deal with bitchy backbiting?

Laura: So I’m a person who likes to talk open-hearted, but I’m not going to zips. I am of the opinion that conflicts should be avoided. I don’t like typical girls who are afraid of any challenge.

modelmove: Have you ever presented yourself at a real agency – if no, why not?

Laura: No, I have not, I’ve been thinking about 2 years ago, but I did not have that incentive to apply to an agency, because my training was more important to me.

modelmove: How or where do you imagine your dream photo?

Laura: I believe in New York, because it is simply a totally brilliant city. Unfortunately, I have never been there myself, but what I have seen so far from the city is simply indescribably beautiful. There are so many corners and scenery, if I would go there.

modelmove: You have Czech roots, you speak English, French and of course German. An international career would be easy for you, could you imagine this and leave your family or friends circle?

Laura: Yeah, I could do it. I would have to wrestle with myself, but I know I would keep in mind that they are not out of the world. My family would support this project. They will not be opposing to my choice of career, just like my friends.

modelmove: Laura, thank you for your interview, what is your next step in the model sector?

Laura: I think I’ll make more professional photos first. I am going to consult my sister to apply professionally to a model agency.