She is still one of the favorites from the 5th season of Germanys next Topmodel: Laura Weyel, the dauphine lady was in 3rd place in the model show 2010, today she has stood for modelmove speech and answer.

modelmove: Laura, you were last year in 3rd place at Germanys next Topmodel, would you have ever dreamed that you can make it so far?
Laura: I would not even have thought that I would come through this gigantic casting in Cologne. So many pretty girls were there. And then every week became more and more exciting. GNT was the most exciting and amazing time in my life.

modelmove: Since when were you interested in modeling and how did it happen?
Laura: I found fashion and modeling always great, but my mom wanted me to do something right 🙂 Therefore, I applied too late at GNT. Something I have already planned by the way, but not to compare with now.

modelmove: What has changed for you professionally after the show?
Laura: After I got so far, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity as I dropped studies. I am now a distance learning course and am therefore flexible to make jobs anywhere.

modelmove: Are you continuing to practice?
Laura: I’m on the road since GNT. Currently, I am in Hong Kong and I am working very well here. There are so beautiful places in the world and I am infinitely grateful that I can visit them through modeling 🙂

modelmove: Do people recognize you on the street, even after years?
Laura: At first, it was very bad; I could hardly cross the city, because everyone spoke to me. Of course, this has reduced a little, but I’m still recognized.

modelmove: How was the feeling of signing your first autograph?
Laura: I felt like before, a normal girl. So it was funny enough for me to give an autograph. But somehow it was also a good feeling, as many people were glad to see me.

modelmove: Do you have trouble separating from family and friends?
Laura: I love traveling a lot, but my mother and my friends miss me infinitely. Without Skype, I would not be able to support it 🙂 Every time I am home, I stay close to my family!

modelmove: What do you do to keep your body dreaming?
Laura: I do not really need to do much to keep my silhouette because I’ve always been so thin. But I need a few times a week of sports to feel comfortable. Here in China, for example, there is a breathtaking nature. I will go hiking here in the mountains. When you get to the top, you can feel that you have done something and the view is really worth it …

modelmove: Laura thanks for the interview – would you like to give advice to all young talents?
Laura: Never give up, like me, never let you get discouraged, and have fun at work, because it’s an absolute dream job 🙂