Lucia always wanted to work as a model. She also wants to become better known as a model, as we all know; it’s easier said than done.

modelmove: Lucia, how did you find the modeling brand?
Lucia: A few years ago, I had the opportunity to do a professional photo shoot. I had a lot of fun and the photographer was visibly enthusiastic and said that I really had real chances to be a model. That made me looks curious! Still, modeling has always been just a hobby for me – but a hobby that gives me a lot of fun and I’ve noticed that I’ve improved with every shoot. As I work in the advertising industry myself, I know what qualities you need to bring as a good model: brilliance, charisma and above all self-confidence – the model must be able to present the product perfectly.

modelmove: Beautysideal Anorexia is always anorexic – your opinion?
Lucia: Today’s media are unfortunately an ideal of beauty that is absolutely unreal. On television on posters and in magazines, only women who look thin can be seen, pretty and just perfect. But this is not the reality, every photo, every poster and each commercial is developed with special computer programs and only the models and stars seem perfectly perfect. Unfortunately, it is advertising that most young women, computer-generated appearance, look like their ideal image and also so impeccably beautiful and slim. This leads to low self-esteem among more and more young women and, unfortunately, more and more women are suffering from the terrible anorexia, which is often fatal without timely help. DOVE took the first step towards this illusion of beauty and finesse with the latest advertising campaign by showing beautiful, natural women without posters for their campaign. I find that this courageous campaign was a start against these unrealistic beauty ideals in the media, because beauty certainly has nothing to do with emaciated, sick bodies!

modelmove: In which nation do you think there are the most beautiful models?
Lucia: I think every nation has its kind of very special and beautiful models.

modelmove: Missions. Have you ever been involved?
Lucia: No, I never participated in one.

modelmove: model & TV, have you ever played on TV?
Lucia: No, I have not been on television yet. But I like to stand in front of the camera and have absolutely no fear to introduce myself on the stage and speak to many people. So who knows!

modelmove: What do we find on your breakfast table?
Lucia: My breakfast table is varied. I often eat muesli, a cheese bread or sometimes yoghurt with fruit. I try to eat healthy, but of course it can sometimes also have a piece of cake or a roll of jam for breakfast and coffee cannot miss in any case 😉

modelmove: What do you currently aspire to professional?
Lucia: For now, I work as a communication designer in the advertising sector and I have a lot of fun with my work. The advertising sector covers a lot of ground and I have set myself for the future to meet many of these interesting region and gain experience, perhaps even for 1 year abroad to improve my language skills. Of course, I will continue to pursue a career as a model – let’s see what the future brings!

modelmove: How far can you go with modeling, Ex. can you move to another city, country?
Lucia: Yes, I would be ready to do it! If I want something in my life with all my heart, I give 100% to make my dream come true.

modelmove: Your good advice for model move readers for newcomers?
Lucia: With the necessary ambition, great perseverance, self-confidence and stubborn obstinacy, the dream of the model no longer has to stay!