Micaela Schäfer has nevertheless remained in the media despite her failure at the casting show “Germanys next Topmodel”. She still talks about it in numerous TV shows, documentaries and revelations

modelmove: What do you still want to achieve in the model field?
Micaela: I would like to be recognized as a model for many, many years. For 2008, I hope to be solicited by a reputable partner agency. I would then like to focus on editorials and advertising projects. And who knows, maybe succeed internationally later.

modelmove: What do you think of C and D celebrities who are not afraid to embarrass themselves?
Micaela: I don’t want to judge anyone. That’s what people do. I can only say for myself that I am firmly bound to my motto: What I am doing today should not hurt me tomorrow.

modelmove: What has change in your life after “Germanys next Topmodel”?
Micaela: First of all, of course, my popularity in Germany has increased tremendously. I still get many letters of love and I am often loved in the street. In Model Business, my name became a heavyweight. I cannot complain about the lack of orders and I think the increased quality of my photos expresses that too. Privately, I am still the same Micaela.

modelmove: Since when did you discover the fashion and model world?
Micaela: Since I was 10 years old, I am inspired by fashion. I have studied all about the industry and I have always been very enthusiastic about fashion photos, so I wanted to become a fashion photographer. At the age of 18 I started with Miss-Elections and I was discovered there by a model agent. Well, instead of being behind the cameras, I feel so much comfortable, being in front of it.

modelmove: Do your friends / acquaintances support you?
Micaela: My family and friends give me a lot of strength by believing in me. Due to my limited leisure I unfortunately meet them too often.

modelmove: Do you make fashion your main occupation now, or are you pursuing another career?
Micaela: My priorities are clearly in fashion. I can live very well now. Occasional detours to theater or cinema are not excluded in the future. I do not like speculating. Time will tell us.

modelmove: What was your best experience so far in the model area?
Micaela: Of course, Heidi’s show will always take a special place in my heart. I was impressed that she has remained so warm and natural despite her success. For me personally it was always a dream to play the lead role in a music video. This offer I got immediately after GNT for a very successful Dutch singer.

modelmove: Have there ever been complications at any appearance?
Micaela: During a big parade, just before my entry on stage, the heel of my shoe broke. It was glued again with glue. I ran I think like a stork on eggs on the podium, but after all, nothing happened.

modelmove: What do you like best about your character?
Micaela: Even if it sounds arrogant: I’m in harmony with my appearance. To stay slim, I eat balanced and go regularly jogging. But I am very proud of my curves, which I have despite slim body.

modelmove: Would you like to give the readers some advice?
Micaela: You can achieve everything if you work hard on your goals and believe in you!