Michaela Grauke is always very present in the media. Whether on TV magazines, or in numerous appearances in shows
Michaela can be seen on many posters, flyers and web pages.

modelmove: How did you come to be a model?
Michaela: When I was 18, I was with a friend in a Berlin night club. On the way to the bar, my current manager Oliver B. suddenly saw me and wondered how great I was. At first I thought it was a curious flirt, but then he gave me his business card. A few days later my friends persuaded me to call him. Said and done. Since then, I have been in the agency and I have already experienced a lot.

modelmove: Is it easy for a professional model to be compared to other models?
Michaela: Of course there are many tastes and every client has a different idea of ​​his perfect model. In shootings with other models, for example, you can get on with your experience, discipline, punctuality and friendliness.

modelmove: How do you see your future in 20 years?
Michaela: My future in 20 years? Healthy and happy, with my friend and my little daughter somewhere in a beautiful house

modelmove: You have interesting references. How did you get this?
Michaela: Almost all my experiences in the world of fashion, I owe them to Oliver B. Model management. Oliver has always supported me and suggested me for many interesting jobs. With success! For 2 years I am now myself a member of the agency team. In fashion shows and contests, I plan and train choreographies.

modelmove: Have you ever had a special experience in the model field?
Michaela: I had many special experiences. An interesting example was, In Innsbruck, at the first large court ball, to which I was invited as guest star. Many radio and television stations interviewed me and took pictures. The next day, I laughed with Gitta Saxx on the title page. A campaign at the European level for the catalog of the Lingerie Pabo or a national campaign for Pralines by Emil Reimann was real highlights. 45 min TV of the report on my career at RTL was also very exciting, as we shot in London, Stuttgart and Antalya. I could describe hundreds of these experiences, which I would like to remember.

modelmove: Did your TV references make you more famous than you were?
Michaela: In any case, my TV references have made me even more famous. If there were no media, would anyone in Germany know about the Hollywood stars so well? A video, in which I am on Youtube, has been seen in 2 weeks by 30,000 people worldwide. In 2005, I had my breakthrough with the star of the graphic “A Walk in Park 05”, which ran on VIVA, MTV and Jamba. In this clip I was able to prove my skills as a dancer and at the same time I was in the penthouse and the FHM calendar.

modelmove: Do you trust the fashion technical tasks? A quiz for example
Michaela: During a show it is usually arrange so that I know exactly what I would say, but when I stand on stage I get soft knees? If I’m tested perhaps by a small audience and I realize it’s not so bad, then I could imagine it in the future rather.

modelmove: The dream of every woman is to appear on a huge advertising poster – Have you already met this dream or do you (still) have a so high expectation?
Michaela: Of course, it’s also a huge dream of me to appear on a large advertising poster. I was already represented on a large poster for a cast and for a praline maker in a living room. But who would not feel flattered by a big screen that fills a whole high-rise building?

modelmove: A more private question: Would you be with a well-known actor just for him to drive your career?
Michaela: Never! Firstly, I do not like people who are sunbathing in the fame of others and hope for the great success. Lothar Matthäus, for example, is at the moment a student of this school. Everyone secretly laughs. And second, I have a dear friend, with whom I also have a little daughter and whom I love both above all!

modelmove: Michaela, thanks for your answers – a last word for our readers?
Michaela: Success is a consistently realized idea!