Michaela is seen in the fashion and model world, almost very old. Nevertheless, she can maintain her youthful appearance and makes the dream job pattern by the way.

modelmove: You started fashion at 17 some parents even photographed their babies. What do you think?
Michaela: As long as there is no marketing, to transform the capital for the parents behind her, and the baby feels visibly good, I think it’s good.

modelmove: Do you think that “celebrity” is part of happiness, or is the desire to succeed?
Michaela: Ideally, both should go hand in hand: being in the right place at the right time is certainly as much as the human desire for success.

modelmove: How do you think your 2 children see you, when they see their mom in front of the camera?
Michaela: My children are proud of their mom, but they don’t have the same passions as their mom. But they don’t want me to change anything.

modelmove: Is your family life not too short?
Michaela: I think I combine work and family well. Of course, I sometimes feel internally that I should be around the clock with my children, I consider my children very much. It is very important for me to be with my children, so I try to divide my work until I get home at night to bring my children to bed.

modelmove: Do you want your children to follow their mother’s footsteps? Are you ready?
Michaela: Children can sometimes stand with me in front of the camera, the desire of children to become model already exists. For us parents, however, it is particularly relevant that both grow normally and the first priority is a good starting school before they think about being model. What is important to me and my husband in the first place is that they live their childhood existence. Our children become adults too fast, they should enjoy their youth first, and everything else will come by itself.

modelmove: You have the look of an 18 year old, what is your secret?
Michaela: Thanks your question flatters me and makes me particularly happy. Thanks to my family, I lead a happy and fulfilling life. Internally, I feel balanced, satisfied and I am convinced that this is what keeps me young and fit.

modelmove: How do you see yourself in 20 years’ time- do you want to be a model up to the age of annuity?
Michaela: I like to work as a model, it’s my dream job and I can imagine myself standing for a long time standing in front of the camera, whether as an actress or as a senior model.

modelmove: Did you have a particularly positive or negative experience in the model field?
Michaela: Fortunately, I have only positive experiences and have never had to hurt myself, but it’s certainly because of the fact that usually my model agency knows their clients ahead of time, before sending their models in bulk. In addition to that, I also like to inquire about the customer before each shoot.

You told me you liked being an actor. Is this supposed to put fashion in the background?
Michaela: Twice, I had the pleasure of acting as an actress, I’m very happy and I can do what I already learned as a model. I would like to work more in this area. I think that basically a model is also an actress; she is just as much in her part as the performer in her role.

modelmove: Michaela, thanks for your answers! Do have a good advice?
Michaela: my good advice is: We reach our goal if we try to believe it quite often.