Rebecca is a very special model because she is a teacher, but she is also a teacher who likes to take pictures of her. Why not?

modelmove: What do you want to achieve in this environment?
Rebecca: I really did everything I wanted. Now I focus on my teaching profession

modelmove: Where do you think the most beautiful models come from?
Rebecca: Countries of Latin America. The dark hair color and the clean skin is unique.

modelmove: Do you want to be a professional model? Are you doing that already?
Rebecca: No, it has always been a good pastime for me; you stay in shape and keep your appearance. Meanwhile, I love my job and would not change it.

modelmove: When did you discover this environment?
“Discover” I was in a disco to participate in a late night show.
Then the stone came rolling.

modelmove: Does your friends / acquaintances support you becoming a model?
Rebecca: No, I never talked about it; it was always a little secret. Only when I was discovered during a parade or in the newspaper,that’s when I talked about it.

modelmove: Can you introduce yourself to a model TV show
Yeah, sure, I’ve already done that. Once when the rain was pouring in a market place 🙂

modelmove: What was your best experience so far in the fashion world?
Rebecca: One week of modeling for my family.

modelmove: Have you ever had a bad experience?
Rebecca: Yes, in the election Misses Germany I forgot to say, from which federal state I come from… Embarrassed!

modelmove: What do you like most about you?
Rebecca: Be natural as possible.

modelmove: Do you want to give some tips to readers?
Rebecca: It’s hard to control everything and requires strange discipline.
Remain natural and sensitive to others needs.