Sebastian is a newcomer, but he also frequented the community and participated in some parades. The experience of posing before hundreds of people is great, says Sebastian.

modelmove: What do you want to achieve in the model area?
Sebastian: I’m already excited about having great missions and working with a great team, where fun is also the main focus. Of course, I would also like to make nice photos, which I can be proud of.

modelmove: What do you think of the so-called Party girls?
Sebastian: Everyone has to decide for himself. I think you should always think carefully about how and where you appear, so as not to be put into a “drawer”, that you do not want.

modelmove: Do you want to do modeling as a professional?
Sebastian: So far, modeling is a big hobby. I find that you must certainly have a professional training completed for security reasons in case things do not work so well in the business model, so that you can feel secured.

modelmove: When did you discover the modeling environment?
Sebastian: I was contacted in 2004 by a Modelscout and invited to a shooting. I was very enthusiastic and it’s so much fun for me.

modelmove: Do your friends / acquaintances help you become a role model?
Sebastian: I am mostly supported by my family and friends. It’s great to see others like your photos as confirmation that the work has paid off.

modelmove: Can you introduce yourself to a model TV show and modeling in unusual places? (For example, in the queue at the airport)
Sebastian: Since as a model you should not be afraid of the camera, I could imagine doing it. In addition, I already had some experience as an actor and presenter in front of the camera.

modelmove: What was your best experience so far in the fashion world?
Sebastian: Although there have been many pleasant moments, I would place the filming on the Spanish stairs in Rome particularly high. To pose before so many people is simply gigantic.

modelmove: Have there been any complications to any appearance?
So far, fortunately, I have been spared all kinds of incidents. Hopefully it stays as well 🙂 But as a good model, you must also respond spontaneously.

modelmove: What do you prefer about your character?
Sebastian: The overall picture should always be fair and on this point I am by far completely satisfied.

modelmove: Want to give some tips to readers?
Sebastian: You should always believe in yourself, always be ambitious and assured and evolve constantly, since the competition is big enough. Moreover, one must keep one’s character and not be scattered.