Stefanie was addressed as in an image book. In a London nightclub, she was approached by a model agent in 2000, since then she climbed abruptly.

modelmove: What do you want to achieve in this environment?
Stefanie: Since I am an opponent of Mage models and it is terrible how some girls die of hunger, I will show that a model with a female figure also has success and works satisfactorily! I do not belong to the Gr. I have often heard that the “target group”, that is to say people who will see photos and advertising campaigns later, can identify themselves very much by the model or the product. Universal Ideality!
This can be seen, for example, also on the new campaign of “Dove”.

modelmove: What do you think of the so-called “party girls”?
Stefanie: It must also exist. It depends on the person, but basically I have nothing against the partygirls. It depends on how the party behaves. Some of them, in my opinion, are too free and eventful, and unfortunately, quickly reduces the image.

modelmove: Do you want to do modeling as a professional? Are you doing that already?
Stefanie: I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years. However, I then started an apprenticeship and had to go back to modeling and make it now only secondary. The modeling is basically exhausting! After all, you need to secure your income and keep you on the road all the time – not just on weekends and evenings. Since private things such as hobbies, family and relationship mostly remain on the track. You should be aware of this.

modelmove: How long have you discovered this environment?
Stefanie: It was in 2000 when I was living in London for 2 years. There, I was approached in a discotheque, and then I made my first steps and experiences in the business model.

modelmove: Do your friends / acquaintances help you become a role model?
Stefanie: Yes. When I started modeling, I no longer lived with me. But my parents, friends and acquaintances support me a lot. In the catalogs, I always get encouragement and praise, but also criticism.

modelmove: Have you ever been embarrassed to appear somewhere did not like?
Stefanie: Of course, there are occasionally jobs that do not meet 100% of your expectations.
But nothing has embarrassed me yet. I look for my jobs and customers well in advance and if something funny happen to me, I leave the fingers to it.

modelmove: What was your best experience so far in this environment?
Stefanie: There are so many beautiful experiences that have taken place over the last 7 years. A particularly nice ride I had in an idyllic English villa, up in the mountains. At the Tuning World in Friedrichshafen, it was extremely exciting in front of so many VIPs and celebrities.

modelmove: Have there been any complications to any appearance?
Stefanie: Yes, unfortunately, there has been some. Someone has published casting recordings of me, whose publication has never been accepted. These casting recordings (voice samples, etc.) were then displayed on the television on a notorious channel. The end was a long process with lawyer & co.

modelmove: What do you prefer about your character?
Stefanie: I find my PO awesome šŸ™‚

modelmove: Do you want to give advice to readers?
Stefanie: I can only give you the advice that has accompanied me every year: Do not let yourself be abused, look at the reservation requests and check everything (especially the fine print), do not sell at low prices And wary of all the world especially of one who runs across the road and promises you the blue of the sky.