Tatjana is a rather exotic model. With roots from Serbia she belongs to a special mixture, Tatjana is a professional model and will participate to our questions and answers.

modelmove: You come from Serbia where many pretty women come from. Why do you think we get to see only a few of them, is it still due to the strict culture?

Tatjana: No, I don’t think it’s because of the culture … I guess they do not care about it as much as I do. Or maybe they do not see it as a job, or a “normal” job. There are certainly some good models from Serbia, but unfortunately I have seen only a few on the Serbian side.

modelmove: You are the main professional, what is the most stressful part of your job?
Tatyana: I cannot describe it as stressful, coming from the heart. Of course, there are stressful things in such a job, like traveling from one place to another or even from one country to another. Although I am quite willing to travel for jobs, I am a little stressed out. But stress is part of every profession, and I accept that.

modelmove: How long do you want to make modeling as a main occupation?
Tatyana: as long as possible, Yes. As long as I’m still beautiful 🙂

modelmove: Would you change 180 ° for an order?
Tatjana: Yes, it depends on how and what. So if you do such a job you have to adjust to everything, even on a certain changes.

modelmove: The topic Anorexia: No Go – What do you think about it?
Tatyana: Anorexia should not, in my opinion, cause this industry to fall. It requires so much of a model, though many see it as an ideal of beauty. It is not beautiful, it’s just sick. A model has to be seen as a person, not just as a current line.

modelmove: What is your most embarrassing experience in the model biz?
Tatjana: Hmm, this is extremely embarrassing; actually this has not yet happen. But will definitely happen one day :-))

modelmove: What are your goals?
Tatjana: Professionally, it is still far to for me to consider anything, for now I am just trying to concentrate on my career. I would like to fly on my own wings after my model training to become a professional. I would like to support my family and give them what they gave me.

modelmove: How did you actually get to modeling?
Tatjana: Yes, fashion has always been my biggest wish, but I have never dared to advertise for models or agencies. I was addressed 3 years ago in the street. And everything came suddenly. Now I receive orders every day.

modelmove: Do you still have time for friends, family?
Tatjana: I do not have much time, but you have to accept that when you do a job like that. I have many appointments and I am always on the road, but for my friends and family I always take time to visit them.

modelmove: Tatjana, Thank you! Do you have a last word or good advice for newcomer models?
Tatjana: In the world of fashion everything is not as simple as you think, but if you set yourself a goal, and do not give up, everything will be find. Because the longer you stay, the better it becomes. Everything you want goes too! Everything comes at the right time.