Tatjana was asked quite unexpectedly if she wanted to be a role model. Even Tatjana goes to a normal job these days, although it is very appealing to the model store.

modelmove: What do you want to achieve in this environment?
Tatjana: Actually nothing, I came to modeling by chance, a model agency was opened in an advertising agency, and I was asked if I wanted to be there. It was for pleasure that I did it at the time, but I also received unexpected orders. I always go to the cause quite constrained, which leads me to put myself under pressure?

modelmove: Where do you think the most beautiful models come from?
Tatjana: Clearly Brazil, country of festivals, laughter, and where the sun rises.

modelmove: modelmove: Do you want to be a professional model? Are you already one?
Tatjana: If it will be profitable, then -> KLAR 🙂 But unfortunately, it’s just enough to stir my salary a little. This answers the question, because I am currently employed as a florist. But originally, I did an apprenticeship as a trader in retail, I like diversifying 😉

modelmove: How long have you discovered the fashion world?
Tatjana: I discovered it in 2004, but as I said, rather by chance.

modelmove: Does your friends / acquaintances support you in becoming a role model?
Tatyana: All of them are enthusiastic about my pictures, and I like to do it when I’m mostly broke, but unfortunately I do not have designers or other fashion designers in the family or my circle of acquaintances. Unfortunately, they cannot support me.

modelmove: Can you imagine performing in a model TV show?
Tatjana: I can imagine that very well, I also wanted to participate to Germany’s next Top model, but unfortunately I was not taken.

modelmove: What was your best experience so far in the model field?
Tatjana: An open-air shot at the lake, at sunset.

modelmove: Have there been any complications to any appearance?
Tatjana: In a walkway in lingerie, a garter has slipped, and then it is hooked. I had to put it back on the tape and I threw it into the crowd. The boss of the house (who witnessed it) was astonished.

modelmove: What do you prefer about your character?
Tatjana: Well, apart from the typical areas “problem” belly, legs, PO, I’m quite satisfied with myself.
modelmove: Would you like to give some advice to the readers of modelmove and future young models?
Tatyana: Never stop, but do not start to stop after.