Nadin is someone special, no! Not because she is a model, but because, according to her statement, she has the longest legs and has not yet spoken to any competition.

modelmove: Many make of a hobby a profession. Do you agree?
Nadin: Actually, when I started my studies, I had an also “after” life. If this is true with the hobby, I should play in a band (keyboard) or on the “Star clipper”, a good figure I would give in both cases.

modelmove: You say you have the longest legs. Is not that an advantage you have on other girls?
Nadin: No, I don’t think so. But I’m not talking here about the longest legs, but simply long legs. There are women who have a body height of over 2 m, they certainly have longer legs. His figure is not a model look in the world of fashion and they will not be anyway because there is no such demand with such a body size. Model legs allegedly longer, with much smaller sizes. Others before me have done the measurement.

modelmove: What do you think of the casting of TV models that happens in television shows?
Nadin: Who knows the model company, knows that no model is “born” in four weeks. It is for decision-makers, because it brings money and quotas. I don’t want to mention the names here. And like a bark barking and jumping the leg to show his auctorial capacities, please. We no longer needed theater schools. You know, my enthusiasm is limited, so I don’t participate in such shows.

modelmove: You study business administration. Is fashion only a secondary task?
Nadin: Of course, fashion should not be a parallel job. You can know my goal at Fashion Week in New York to run. I still lack the agency that is truly international.

modelmove: Do you still have time for modeling?
Nadin: I take time to model. Getting everything under a hat is not always easy, especially since I also have TV offers. If it will work, I don’t know yet. Maybe my type is wanted.

modelmove: You are Miss Universe Berlin. What does this title mean to you?
Nadin: A lot, because it’s a confirmation and opens up new worlds. I had missed an early election and won titles. So I came to the parade. It is not easy to get such a title, there are many pretty girls. Only, when they are all blond as the MGC, they all look like Japan or Chinese. Recently, I can name myself TOP model and am Miss Galaxi Berlin 2009. In February, I entered Cologne at the German election of Miss Galaxi Germany.

modelmove: If you were to start again in the Model brand, would you do the same thing?
Nadin: Maybe not everything, but most of them. I have long believed in a designer’s fairy tale.

modelmove: Many models (Top) come from Berlin. What does this city have, that many other cities do not have? Is it just the size of the city?
Nadin: Its size and certainly its diversity. There are more than 80 model agencies in Berlin only, which all share the conscious cake with the twelve pieces. To this are added the media that always look at the scene of the model from time to time to take a topic. I was recently at RTL in Neubrandenburg.

modelmove: How many times do you travel in the week? Is there still time for privacy?
Nadin: There’s still time for privacy and family. It is not every day that there is a fashion gala in Berlin. Even in the models sector, money for shows has become scarce.

modelmove: Nadin, a board for modelmove readers who just want to start in the fashion world?
Nadin: My most important advice is that the prerequisites must be good. I think of the face, of course, size, weight, and so on. I mean, not everyone can be a violin virtuoso or a pianist. With caution, you have to be synonymous with photographers or agencies who want to have a lot of money to take pictures and then put them in the WEB. The agencies make their money by arranging the models. However, images are important for personal review (PR).