What do you actually need to become a successful model? This question concerns more and more women, but also men. One can say in advance: There is no specific success recipe. The best example of this is the Germanys next Top model show.

Different types of models can also be distinguished. There are, for example, oversized models, hand models, leg models, and many other types of models. It is not necessary to have a perfect body shape if you only want to work as a hand model.

Most models always introduce themselves directly on the catwalk. But this has its particular reason. There is more money there. Anyone who wants to work for established fashion companies will have to fulfill a few specific requirements. Most agencies require strict data on the size of the models. Usually the minimum is 170 cm for women and 185 cm for men. Exceptions, however, confirm the rule. Women with high cheekbones and men with masculine facial features are preferred.

For the body weight, the spirits differ, which in the last years has led to heated discussions in the model industry. Above all, the issue of anorexia was often taken up, which is unfortunately still on the agenda for many models. For the money, models risk their health, only to be able to compete with the big players in the fashion world.

After some interviews with models on modelmove, I could see that many models find it sad that their female colleagues no longer have control over them. I personally recommend you: change the model agency immediately, if you are conditioned on your weight.

In addition to weight, personality is also important for most clients. To list just a few of them: self-confidence, ambition, objectivity, flexibility, humor, professionalism and last but not least, intelligence. Since many clients operate internationally, foreign language skills are an advantage.

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modelmove Tip: Apply Professionally

You should keep these points in mind:

1) Write a personal cover letter, at best with a CV in order to put also your Intelligent advantages in the foreground.

2) Make professional photos. In which reputable agency have you taken vacation photos? You can still be so beautiful, but it is not just the ambition you must have as a model. Finally, there are several women & men per day.

3) Make your application very eye-catchy! The agency must say after unfolding the application: “this application we have been waiting for, bull’s eyes”.

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A new trend is also social media models, that is, models that are only visible in social networks, where they started their careers.

It’s like a proper job at a job. You have to put your qualities in the foreground and create something unique. If you still have questions about the topic of becoming a model, I will gladly answer them by e-mail. However, a big tip, to become a model is: Be natural and be yourself.

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