The issue of money plays an important role for the models. It is one of the sectors where you can climb quickly, but also fall all the way down. Especially when you are talking about the issue of money in modeling, many beginners are uncertain of what they could actually get.

You cannot clearly rate how much a Model gets for a Job. It always depends on the agency or the client. It is habitual for many agencies that a certain day rate is agreed. It is also hard to decide what you will actually do. Are you only modeling at a trade fair, for example? Is it for a well-known lingerie line? It also depends on whether you are already in an agency, and how the agency markets their respective models.

For a trade show hostess the set starts from about 10 € the hour. There are, of course, no limits to the top, because you would certainly not be a top model for 10 € the hour on a fair. Daily rates for photo shoots, start mostly at 200 to 300 € or (or US-Dollars). There is, of course, no limit here.

A pastoral study last year showed that Giselle Bündchen is currently the best-paid model in the world. With an estimated average annual income of over 35 million dollars, she is thus facing Top model Klum, which is estimated to earn 8 million dollars a year. A proud sum, this only confirms the thesis that there are no boundaries.

Even if one is permanently “employed”, sometimes there are records for a determined period of time: Event XY, 2 weeks, remuneration 2000 €. As you can see, this is a bad thing. But it is worth doing, because you increase your own degree of recognition and you also get to know more and more contacts, for which you can later modulate yourself. If the modeling has not been put into the cradle, or is not a question for many clients, this should be special. This is because modeling is not always a catwalk or photo shooting. There are, inter alia, Hand models, foot models, leg models, etc. For who needs a model with perfect facial features, when it is for a shoe company, and only the feet are pictured.

Since the extras in Film & TV have become more difficult. The wage is mostly around the 5-10 € the hour and is also in most cases not highly remunerated. Models generally spend for their moves from their own pocket. They are usually reimbursed.

Here you can see the direct time difference as to how important the industries can differ. My tip: Always agree on everything in writing. Even if the amount is still so small, paper never lies.

Note: This original article was in german, thats why i take the €-specification