What are the differences in modeling? When I recently said to someone, “Hey you got the stuff to be a model,” I usually get the answer “No I’m too small”, or “I’m too fat”.” Most people have only one picture in their heads.

Now, I will tell you something about a small list of types of models, and what they can do.

Of course, there are many more types and names for models. These vary, however, and are ambiguous. Models for eyes, belly, etc. are also available, but I have not specifically mentioned them in the list.

1. Fashion models
the typical model that you can see in catalogs and also in hostess activities. Fashion models are also catwalk models, so you can compare them with each other. Fashion models are, as the name suggests, mostly fashionable for designers and exhibitors.

2. Catwalk models
are affine to fashion models, but I listed them again, because there are also many, who just always participate in beauty contests, therefore can be described of course as ladies & gentlemen catwalk models.

3. Portrait model
pictures are only taken from the face of this type model. Examples are in health or lifestyle magazines.

4. Glamor model
Glamor models, as the name suggests, are usually known in the eyes of the public and have in addition to the fashion models a major difference: they also make erotic photos.

5. Nude model
This type of model is also already known. A nude model is one that can either be pictured part or full photo. Both types of nude models have nothing to do with the adult industry, since this type of models is quite moving photographic level.

6. Erotic model
mostly in eroticism and in webcam chats – many strippers also call themselves (by the way) erotic models. An erotic model is, incidentally, not an erotic actress.

7. Hand model
Draw themselves through beautiful hands and models mostly for jewelers, soaps or similar products! It depends on healthy hands as well as beautiful fingernails. Slender hands are preferred.

8. Foot model
Comparable with a hand model. It comes with beautiful toe nails as well as well-groomed feet.

9. Tooth model
Have wonderful teeth and mostly work as you can guess, for dental advertising in Print & TV.

10. Hair model
are mostly found in advertisements for hair care products, or are represented on the cover of hair dyes.

Update: An interesting trend is “Social Media Models“, to which we donated a whole article.

Then you will still meet the terms “Top model” & “Supermodel”. What do they actually mean, nothing more than models who are absolute professionals. Anyone who sees himself as a professional can also be named top models.