As years goes by; new technologies emerge, from which the most bizarre business sectors emerges too. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat is an increasingly important topic.

Many young people write to me that they bring their own models. These always directly assume that there are only jobs on the catwalk. But recently, there has been an ever-increasing trend: social media models. Known examples are, for example, Pamela Reif, who has an Instagram account with currently 2.7 million subscribers.

What are Social Media Models?

This is, according to my point of view, a number of people who use social media to promote and thus market themselves. In principle, those containing, for example, against real money in return, a handbag or perfume on a photo / video. This strategy is, of course, independent of managers and agencies, since there are many portals on the market, where you can accept orders from companies. The only requirement is a high-speed channel. As a guide you should have min. 1,000 fans to attract attention.

you can analyze the social networks in the field of models as follows:

Facebook is the all-rounder among the social networks. There is no short limit on the text and can upload videos, set links and create photo albums. An all-rounder for social media, who has the necessary know-how and you, can also make advertisements for your fan page here.

Conclusion: Facebook is the ideal entry as a “social media model”. You can plan contributions, upload photos and videos, and of course create photo albums. The commentary can also be used via social media tools such as “Hoot Suite”.

Twitter is a short news service which is fast in the dissemination of information. Again, you can upload photos and schedule posts, but this limitation is the key to the failure.

Conclusion: With Twitter you should pick up only the users which are not registered in the other networks as a social media model. Links can be converted by short URL, so you have more space to write. As an ideal network it is suitable for models but only conditionally.

This network is the perfect place for models to present. Just to win fans or just “product placements” (Explanation: You will be sent to products that must be used in the picture, usually in conjunction with a text). There are numerous channels on the subject of “Model / Beauty” and can build a great number of fans on the basis of hashtags. Classics are hashtags like “#Instamodel” or “Instabeautys” where a large number of contributions are.

Conclusion: Instagram is the perfect network to start as a social media model. But the quality is increasing. Pure Handy photos must really be very well done, in order to not be in the huge data flood at all. Most models now take photos with their phones with the help of friends / photographers.

With Youtube you reach the masses, it is not for nothing that a new TV celebrated it. However, there are also quality claims from the users and one must also stand out through unusual videos. As a model, you can make-up tips or videos for proper running. Another advantage is the creation of playlists.

Conclusion: Youtube is moderately suited for models, because you do not rely solely on your photographic talents, but you also give meaning to your actions and moderation. Anyone who has an extraordinary talent, such as singing, is much solicited here.

the Snapchat service is currently very popular with younger people. The system is based on transience because the service is characterized by the fact that the messages do not linger forever on the portal. The extra charm is to provide your face with filters to amuse your friends.

Conclusion: Snapchat is moderate for your use of a social media model. This is, of course, an important channel, but when you compare it with Instagram, there are deficits in the content. This is because older instagram images can still attract new fans. In addition, only use via a smartphone is possible.

These platforms are ideal for you if you have not been able to gain experience in the model area. As you can see from the example above, this approach is also suitable for making a name. This has only advantages for your future!

I would personally advise you to a mix of Facebook and Instagram. If you really want to switch ads, you can do this via Facebook (Facebook and Instagram complete each other).The other channels are nice to have, but for the true success as a model these two options should make the success. Now it’s all about your content!